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Tamira Jones My inspiration Composition Everest University This woman is an inspiration to all because of her hardship and the things she have been through let me tell you why. I see her as an inspiration. She was born in 1867 in a poverty -stricken rural in Louisiana,She was an orphan at the age of seven. Being that Sarah needed to survive her and her oldest sister worked in the cotton fields of Delta, Vicksburg and Mississippi. As she grown to an older age of fourteen she was married and gave birth to her daughter,But as she seen her life getting a little brighter her husband had passed away. With The death of her husband Sarah made an transition and moved to St. Louis to join her brother that has made something out of themselves as becoming a barbers. At this time Sarah needed some money to make it by so she started working as a laundry woman. Been that she has been employed at this laundry mat. She begin to provide for her daughter and her education. It was During the 1890's Sarah began to suffer from a scalp ailment that caused her to lose some of her hair. Embarrassed by her appearance,but that didn’t stop her she had to do something about it. Then she started experimenting with a variety of home -remedies and products that were made by another black woman named Anne Malone. With this inspiration that was giving to her during that time that was upon her she had became a sales agent for Malone .Then she moved moved to Denver and to change her name to Madam C.J .Walker the woman we all know to day. With her new found achievements she found her own business and began selling her own products called Madam Walkers' Wonderful hair grower, A scalp conditioner and healing formula her break though of her formula thrived for many years. But with her relentless of ambition she just didn’t stop at

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