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Is Hamlet mad or what? This article starts of speaking about the conversation between Hamlet and Rosencrantz. The author uses these lines to assess Hamlet’s behavior. Further in the article he feels that Hamlet is not mad per say but he is more or less confused. The author feels that Hamlet is this way because of all the events that have happened in his life. Some of the events include, his father’s death, his mother marrying his uncle, and even seeing his father’s ghost. He does not view hamlet as mad but he views him as, “I see him as a kind of heretic—a heretic like Galileo—a man whose experience and intelligence lead him to realize that the world is not constituted in the way he has been led to (and was required to) believe. The author also makes numerous references to Hamlet’s thoughts of contemplating death. But he still does not feel that this makes Hamlet mad in anyway. I agree with the author of this article I do not think Hamlet is mad. I believe that with all of the chaos that is going on around him that he is confused. Having my mother marry my uncle shortly after my father’s death would have a negative impact on me. Hamlet does contemplate committing suicide a lot, but he had a lot of pressure and added weight on his shoulder. This article would help prove my answer that Hamlet is not at all mad. He is just simply confused about what is going on around him. The author of this article is stuck between is Hamlet mad or is he just “faking it.” The author of this article compares Hamlet’s behavior to many other characters of Shakespeare. He states that Shakespeare did not come up with being mad. He gives accurate examples of different plays that Shakespeare has written to make this idea a fact. He understands that answering the

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