Mad Cowboy Essay

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MAD COWBOY THE DANGER OF EATING MEAT AND THE SAFE OF ADOPTING A VEGETARIAN DIET Meat is the most important food for our lives. In our world, almost everybody eats meat as daily food to be healthy. As we know, red meat has a lot of proteins; it is also main food in our daily meal. Meanwhile red meat comes from the animals such as beef, pig, chicken and etc. In order to supply the food for our lives, people have to breed the animals and take care of livestock; their jobs were known as cattle rancher. According to the book “Mad Cowboy” of author Howard Lyman and the two movies “The Witness” and “Peaceable Kingdom”, we will understand the procedure of raising the livestock and also find out the dangerous and potentially deadly practices of the cattle and dairy industry. The author Howard Lyman, also was known as cattle rancher, want to uncover dangers associated with eating red meat. He also exposed an animal-based diet as the primary cause of cancer, heart disease, and obesity in the world. In a powerful and original voice, the warns that our livestock industry has repeated the mistakes such as high doses of pesticides, growth hormone, and the ground-up remains of other animals that led to Mad Cow Disease in England. In the first chapter of the book, the author Howard Lyman realized that he was meat-eater; he used to enjoy the steaks as much as everybody in the world. When he found out what goes into meat as we eat daily, he said that everybody would probably be a vegetarian like him. He told us that the plain truth of dangerous when we eat meat. Everybody include myself will say that it is stupid spoken in the twenty first century; in our thought, meat has been served as most primary food in our daily meal. A long time ago, people used to eat insects in order to surviving; they will never accept the Lyman’s statement. So we have to
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