Mad Ballroom Dance

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In the movie, Mad Hot Ballroom, Public Schools in New York came together to compete in a dance called ballroom dance. In Ballroom dance, two persons move their body and hold hands together. Alex Tchassov of PS 150 defined ballroom dance as “a dialogue between a gentleman and a lady”. There are many types of ballroom dancing but the ones the schools competed on were Tango from Argentina, Rumba from Cuba, Foxtrot and Swing from America, and Merengue from Dominican Republic. The main purpose of my writing is to compare two schools namely PS 150 and PS 115. PS 115 and PS 150, both in Manhattan, took part in the ballroom dance competition. PS 115 won the competition but PS 150 failed at the initial stage of the competition. I write to compare facts about the two schools which would determine the reason for such outcome for both schools. The three facts to compare are team spirit of the dancers, kids’ life outside school, and test scores. Both of the schools in comparison had good team spirit but PS 115 was more motivated to win the competition by Ms. Yomaira Reynoso and Rodney Lopez. In the selection of who would represent the school, PS 115 chose who best fits who because ballroom dance is about two people specifically a gentleman and a lady. PS 150, on the other hand, chose probably those who know how to dance without considering the pairing if they actually suit each other. Also, Allison Shenaik was not interested in the pairing system because she loved all the kids and didn’t want to choose favorites. The kids in PS 115 were bent on winning the competition and so were very serious with the rehearsal where PS 150 was just in to have fun and represent their school no matter the level they reach in the competition. In clothing, PS 150 was not uniform because each of them was wearing what he or she brought from home whereas PS 115 went on shopping to buy a

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