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ABSTRACT The objective of this project is to provide information about two different companies and examine the changes the companies had in past few years. These information can help me in studying the changes the company went through which helped the company to grow and which made it loss. Also by systematic and detailed review analysis, the project demands a comparison of the change in two different companies. Through this way the project will help us to understand the concept of the course “Managing Organizational Changes” NAME OF THE COMPANIES The companies that will be discussed in this project are: 1. MACY’S Originally R.H. Macy & Co. 2. J.C. PENNEY COMPANY INC. WHY DO I FIND THIS TOPIC INTERESTING? The project highlight in learning the organizational changes and analyzing the impact they create in the development of their companies. J C Penney and Macy’s are well known over all in U.S. and Macy & JC Penney both are in the retail industry. But what I find interesting is what made these companies bigger. JC Penney has always been known as a sort of mid-tier retail outlet that has more in common with Sears than Macy’s. So the study of the change these organizations implemented in their company is an interesting thing to learn. Macy’s has recently released a line of urban-orientated fashion. JC Penney has begun to focus more on younger consumers and is lower in prices as compare to Macy’s. The CEO of J.C. Penney Ron Johnson who redesigned retail at Apple Inc. brought the bold vision but you cannot use the same strategy with two different companies. Initially J.C. Penney offered big sales and coupons to the customer but Johnson has been criticized for rejecting those in favor of everyday low prices (International Business, T. 2013). He was in electronic but then he joined merchandise. The chief of the organization should identify and then

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