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Don Rowe ECN -141 (Gladwell, 2005) FREAKONOMICS GLADWELL, M. (2005). FREAKONOMICS. New York,NY: Harper Collins Publishers Inc. Gladwell, M. (2005). FREAKONOMIICS. I wasn’t sure what it was about till I started reading it, the more I read it. I was so amazed. It was about the hidden side of everything. I started reading it and it went in to how [in 1995, criminologist James Alan Fox ran a report for U.S. Attorney General that there would be a spike of murders by teenagers, he then said by the next decade it would be up by 15%. And 1995 would look like the good old days.] I went further in to this book and the next chapter was ho would cheat? Anyone would cheat if the stakes was right from school teachers, basketball players, and sumo…show more content…
I didn’t realize this book went over so much different things, like how the Ku Klux Klan got started, and Drug dealers living with their parents, I would recommend this book for everyone to read it was very interesting to me. I didn’t realize Macroeconomics would fall into this. One thing that I didn’t know was that teachers would cheat to get there grades up to get a better bonus; I guess I just came from a small school. I would have to agree with the Author of this book, that there is so much stuff that goes on in this world that we don’t think about. We stay in our own little community, and not think what is going on outside of it as long as we are happy and safe. As a parent we want are children to be book smart and worldly smart, but to come to find out we can teach are children something’s we were never taught by our own parents. I have four daughters and three out of the four are out of are small little town and realizing what is going on in the outside world. But I don’t have any disagreements with this author of this book, like I said it was very interesting to find out stuff that went on in the past and what is going on now. Like the Ku Klux Klan started just to scare the people, then some individual decided to take it further and that’s where the problem all

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