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In January 2012 the World Bank published a report titled “Golden growth: restoring the lustre of the European Economic model” written by Indermit Gill and Martin Raiser. Chapter 7 of the report tries to make sense of “the relationship between government and well being in Europe” In particular it addresses five questions: a) Are governments in Europe bigger than elsewhere? b) Is big government a drag on growth in Europe? c) If big government mipedes growth, how do countries such as Sweden do so well? d) How can governments be made more efficient? e) Should fiscal consolidation be a top policy priority in Europe?health p397 The link to Chapter 7 of this report is here. Each group is required to complete a project which critically analyses the relationship between government and well being in Europe. It is assumed that each group will do a mini – literature review so that, in addition to the above research paper, each group will, at a minimum be able to present evidence from one other research paper. (In presenting this evidence from other research paper(s) it is acceptable that only one or two specific issues are addressed in more depth – e.g. more detailed analysis of one or more of the above five questions). This project is a group project. It requires the submission of a written document. The written document prepared by each group should not exceed five (single spaced) typed pages (excluding diagrams and bibliography). In addition each group will be required to do a presentation and answer some questions on the project. Each member of the group is required to contribute to the presentation. The project should be submitted in hardcopy to the School Secretary on Tuesday 20th November in room 3078 between 2.00 - 4.00pm. Each project must be accompanied by a declaration that it is the students’ own work and this should be

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