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MEMORANDUM TO: Principles of Macroeconomics teacher FROM: RE: Exploration of Macroeconomics Data, Assignment #1 DATE: 15 October 2012 My time period to research the recession was from March 1991 to December 2007. From March 1991 until March 2001 there was an expansion in the economy. After this was the recession and peak in the economy. The recession for my time period lasted eight months. It was from March 2001 until November 2001. During the dates March 2001 until December of 2007 there was a 73 month expansion and a peak in the economy, and shortly after this is when the recession ended. The real Gross Domestic Product of this time period fell Billions of dollars. It was at 11,360 Billions of dollars and then fell to 11,327. The graph from FRED or Federal Reserve Economic Data shows that during my period of time the graph shows that it started at eight billions of chained dollars and ended up at fourteen billion. Looking at the other groups I found out that my recession was for a short period of time. In group one which is present day the recession lasted for eighteen months and it was a really steep graph. The recession for that group was from December 2002 until June 2009. While the recovery for that time period was from June 2009 to present day. In group three the recession was from July 1990 to March 1991 and it also lasted eight months. This was just as long as my group, but is still under the average span for recession since World War II which is around eleven months. Also group threes graph is not steep at all. While group number four had a long recession. This lasted for sixteen months and was from July 1981 to November 1992. I am not really sure why this time period had the longest recession. The shortest recession which is well over half of the time or a normal one is group number five with the dates from January 1980 to July 1980.

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