Macro-Micro Dilemma Essay

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Macro-Micro Dilemma The Macro-Micro Dilemma of marketing is very present in everyday decisions. The micro view includes tasks and activities that are worked by certain firms and companies, while the macro view is more specifically aimed at the entire “ social process” (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2010, 6). But when comparing the two it all comes down to one thing: imperative decisions made by companies. This may relate too an abundance of issues including high-powered engines in cars, nuclear power and bank credit cards. One product in the following example involves popular high-powered engines in cars. Muscles cars like Mustangs and almost every Chevrolet are known as high engines, and they also are some of the most popular cars on the market. Of course, Ford and Chevrolet will continue making these cars because they are what bring in customer and bring in revenue. However, what about the consequences of there being so many sold high-powered engines running all over the world? Is anybody really thinking about what comes out f those exhaust and in the the fresh air? And there, is where your Macro-micro dilemma hits.In this case, The producer is able to provide what the consumer wants , and now has a happy customer. Yet, now there air going to become even more polluted , possibly causing n uproar among environmentalist. Another dilemma includes nuclear power. In our present day, Nuclear power is inexpensive and can be very useful for many companies that require it. Also, most nuclear power is extremely hazardous to human beings and can be potentially fatal if exposed in the wrong way. Bank credit cars are also included in the macro-micro dilemma of things. Credit cards do wonders for people all over the world. They are exceptionally convenient and reliable. But some people haven't learned from the mistakes that led us to the Great Depression . People still are
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