Macon Inc Case Study

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Macon Inc. Case Study 1. Where will the greatest resistance for excellence in Project Management come from? Project management seems to be the best way to rescue Macon but it is most likely that resistance will come from the employees especially line managers and project managers. They are accustomed to move ahead with a project in traditional way and they have gone into a comfort zone. In project management, the estimates are based upon sound quantitative data while line managers rely on "gut feel" as it is easy for them. In such a situation, the uncertainty of the delivery will always be there. In order to achieve excellence in project management, they would have to stretch themselves far and they are likely to resist this move. They would prefer working in their comfort zone and resist this move. The organization would require rigorous change management to successfully bring excellence in project management (Haus, M., 2011). 2. What plan should be developed for achieving excellence in Project Management? To achieve excellence in project management, Macon needs to have a well-developed plan and multiple phases. Overview: It should seek to identify the primary objectives and the reason why it is conducted. Schedule: Project milestones and activities schedule Scope: Requirements, business needs, deliverables, work breakdown structure and constraints Costs: Funding approach and the budget of the project Project Team: The manpower deployed on the project and their roles and responsibilities Quality: Quality control and measurement approach Communication: Communication channels, type and reporting approach Procurements: Purchase processes and required procurements Risks: Risk index, identification methods and evaluation of risks, contingency planning and risk mitigation Closure: Deliverables hand-off protocol and closure approach

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