Maclean's Magazine: The West Is In. Now What? Essay

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Article Reflection: The west is in. Now what? The article, published in Maclean’s Magazine, focused on the rise of western Canada, how the region compares to other regions in Canada, and also how the provinces included in the west compare to one another. The article outlines the general mentality of the provinces in regards to voting patterns and culture, and dives further into detail regarding the wests overall role in Canada. The relationship between each individual provincial government of the west, the municipal governments, under the provincial governments, and the Canadian federal government is broken down, showing us how they work together with one another, and how the provincial governments of the west fend for themselves. We learned recently in class how “have-not” provinces receive payments from the federal government, as opposed to “have” provinces, considered to be more wealthy and able to fend for themselves with the resources available. The article outlines how, last year alone, the west has given approximately 21.1 billion dollars to Canada in net equalization payments, totaling 131 billion dollars in the last 10 years. The article revolves around all three levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal) and how the three work together and separate of one another; but also sheds light on just how members in each of those levels thinks and feels. The members of the panel are strong westerners, but also hold a Pan-Canadian attitude, all but shedding light on the important of sovereignty, and patriotism. Overall, the article provided me with a very down-to-earth perspective on the inner-workings and cooperation between all levels of government in Canada, and also the willingness to work together with one another to aid the “have-not’s” of Canada; the diversity of Canada, person to person, region to region, is simply what makes us

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