Mackenzie Football Star Another Victim Essay

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Mackenzie Football Star Another Victim In his news article “Mackenzie Football Star another Gun play Victim,” Mitch Albom, sports columnist for Detroit Free Press, claims that the constitution allows us the freedom to own a weapon, such as guns to protect ourselves, but many people see guns as “No big deal” following into violence. According to Albom, many people don’t take this into consideration that we are all connect which can affect us all. He develops this claim by first describing an experience Dewon Jones had with guns, who was given a gun at a very young age from his relative and accidently shot him while playing with a gun. Then, he continues on with the experience of Dewon, not only him but his friend James as well. Dewon was shot by his own friend in the eye that left him permanently blind. According to Albom,”Sometimes, he says, his vision goes red, as if gazing a veil of blood. You wonder if it’s his eye or his perspective,” is saying guns affect people physically at times as well emotionally and mentally. People don’t seem to care about the “gunplay victims” but Albom states,”…you can’t get it behind you, because we are all in this together, geographically, economically and emotionally.” Toward the end, he says these two young high school students came to a conclusion the hard way; they lost innocence, and a guilty conscience. Albom’s purpose is to call attention over the ignorance of people with guns-especially does who aren’t responsible enough to even handle a gun and have the mentality of guns as “no big deal” in order to notify people how guns can affect a person’s life just because someone wasn’t careful enough with a gun, guns according to Albom aren’t gun play. He establishes a grim tone for the general public, parents, and as well young teenagers who are most surround with different dangers. This work is significant it makes us rethink

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