Machine Use in Paddy Feild Essay

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CONO WEEDER Cono weeder equipment is used to weed the field. This agricultural equipment is also known by various names like Wet land weeder, SRI weeder, Finger Weeder, Hand operated weeder and CIAE weeder. This hand operated manual machine helps to make weeding an easy process. It can weed a single row at a time with push pull operation. One thing that must be noted is this cono weeder is a wetland weeder so there must be abundant water in the field when this Japanese feeder technology is used. With a light weight of 6 kilo grams it is easily transportable and it can operate in width of 140-160 mm. This can be roughly translated as 0.10-0.12 hectares of land if it is used for 8 hours per day. The cono weeder has two cones which are plastic molded with steel blades. There are 6 plain blades and 6 serrated blades, so it will work in tandem to uproot and bury the weeds when the rotors make a back and forth movement. The cone holder is 25 mm and 35 mm diameter one with nut welded in top and the other with nut welded in the bottom. It also has the float assembly of 1 mm thickness which is at an accurate angle of 21 degrees, to make the float assemble do its job efficiently. We are proud to say we are the largest manufacture of cono weeders in India right now. With years of experience in manufacturing and testing it to perfection we know how to increase the efficiency and to troubleshoot if at all there is any problem with the machine while on the field. There is continuous research going on to develop new methods and to improve efficiency of the Cono weeder by our R&D department. Today cono weeder is the machine with reasonable price used for the weeding purposes across the state and the country. We are the manufacturer and supplier of the best Wet land Weeder which is cost effective, easy to use and light weight so that it can be transported easily between the fields.

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