Machete Season Essay

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Kelly Burnap Dr. Stieglitz Holocaust and Other Genocides April 19, 2013 Machete Season By Jean Hatzifield To begin with, I had only heard of the Rwanda genocide, but I knew absolutely nothing about it. The book Machete Season by Jean Hatzfield provided me with very rich insight as to what this genocide was all about. I learned about who where the victims of this heinous crime as well as those who were the masterminds or perpetrators behind this dehumanizing act. I also learned what was the primary cause as to what triggered this unthinkable act. I learned about the terrors that were brought upon people and young children by these monsters. I also, saw how religion and the Hutus views of God came into play during these massacres. However when they Hutus ended up getting punished for these murders some killers showed a turning point. Machete Season takes place in Rwanda, which is in Africa. It is between to groups of people the Hutus and the Tutsis. The morning of April 7, 1994 is when all this began; this was the day that the President was killed. Juvenal Habyarimana was assassinated after a missile brought down his plane. The Hutus fully blamed the Tutsis for the death and that is why all the terrible acts were taken out against the Tutsi people. Two days later on April 9, is when the Hutus began burning down houses that were no longer being used by Tutsis. On April 11, is when the Hutu people began their systematic killings of the Tutsis to make them pay for what they supposedly did. Killings of this kind are clearly organized and planned. According to one of the perpetrators Pancrace stated “We would meet at the soccer field at about nine or ten o’clock. …And we would go off on the attack. Rule number one was to kill. There was no rule number two”(pg.17 of Machete Season online version on Google Play). The judge and other leaders made it very clear

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