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Macbook Welcome Guide Welcome to your Newman College issued Macbook. This guide is here to help you get up and running whilst familiarising yourself with the OS X operating system.
 The Mac from the outside Camera Power Button (part of keyboard) Keyboard Trackpad -Thunderbolt is multipurpose connector. At Newman College we use this port to plug our laptops into Projectors and TV screens. - MagSafe 2 is where the charger attaches -The USB ports allow you to plug in thumb-drives, iPads, mice and other devices. Macbook Charger Keyboard and Trackpad The keyboard on a Mac works like any other keyboard. The Function keys (top row) are set by default to perform specific tasks. Screen brightness Show all windows Volume Power Trackpad The track pad is used to control the cursor on screen. It also acts as a button. Press it in with one finger to click, or pressing with two fingers acts as “right click”. You can also use gestures. With two fingers on the trackpad you can scroll, three finger swipes left and right will reveal more desktop space. The Desktop This is what a standard desktop looks like in Mac OS. Menu Bar - The menu bar shows the menus available for the active app. If we opened Chrome this menu would change to show the menus for that app. WiFi icon - Click this to display available WiFi Networks and connect to them. Spotlight - Click the magnifying glass to quickly search for and open anything on your Mac This icon shows an external hard drive is plugged in The Dock - The Dock shows shortcuts to Apps on your Mac. You can drag and drop apps, files and folders to the doc for easier access. Trash - Any items you delete will go to the Trash. You can right click (two fingers on the trackpad) to empty the trash. Finder Finder is our file browser. The icon looks like this and

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