Macbeth's Response To Mistakes Analysis

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In every persons' lifetime, each person will make mistakes; Its part of being a human being. It’s important to forgive one another for each ones' mistakes, and it’s important to forgive yourself for your own mistakes. It’s important to forgive because you only have one life to live, people don’t always mean to betray others, and also each person themself will make mistakes at some point in their life and they don’t need to hold a grudge over themself or regret any wrongdoing. Everyone learns from their mistakes. Humans can respond to this guilt from mistakes in different ways. Sometimes, we accept our mistakes and can carry on with our lives. Other times, we slip into a vicious cycle of denial, destroying our conscience, while other times,…show more content…
By forgiving himself, he was able to move on to save the good of Scotland. Neither Macbeth nor Lady Macbeth were able to forgive themselves for their actions, yetthey responded to their guilt in different ways. There are many reasons why they could have responded differently, but I believe that these characters were returning to different thoughts of remorse. Lady Macbeth kept on returning to her idea to kill Duncan, and that she convinced Macbeth to carry out the murder. She didn’t get any benefits from Duncan’s death, and felt nothing but sorry for her actions. Macbeth kept returning to the actual murder, his source of guilt, yet he received many benefits from Duncan’s death. He became king and received the admiration of Scotland. When he returned to the murder, he felt guilty, but the benefits he reaped outweighed the psychological guilt. The remorse Macbeth felt was for the physical action of killing Duncan, while Lady Macbeth’s was felt on a deeper level, regretting instilling the murder plan that started everything. Regardless of the reason for the remorse, Lady Macbeth’s and Macbeth’s lives both ended tragically. Macduff was the only character who was only to forgive himself for his mistakes,
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