Macbeth's Desires Essay

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Fate is something that will inevitably happen in the future, while free will is the power that you have to make your own decisions. In the play Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, the events in Macbeth’s life do not present themselves through fate, but rather through the results of the decisions he makes himself. Macbeth’s desire is the principle downfall of both him and Lady Macbeth, provoking numerous deaths. Lady Macbeth plays a leading role in influencing Macbeth to act as he does, and she also has a way of revealing the truly evil side of Macbeth. Hearing the prophecies was the icing on the cake for Macbeth, when the three witches revealed these to Macbeth it set his plan in motion. Macbeth’s fate is determined by his free will and his actions, both of which eventually catch up to him resulting in his death. From the beginning of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is viewed as very controlling, strong, and certain; saying that Macbeth ‘Shalt be what thou art promised’. This illustrates Lady Macbeth’s position in the relationship, she is ordering Macbeth to become what the witches have foreseen, not questioning whether he will achieve it, or even not try. We see just how powerful Lady Macbeth is, if she can command her husband to murder the king of Scotland. Her power is also shown in the way she taunts Macbeth, saying he is ‘too full of the milk of human kindness’. This shows how cold Lady Macbeth is, as milk is the food of new born children, she is implying Macbeth is too much like a kind child to murder anyone, which is another method used to spur Macbeth on into killing his king. Her coldness and control is again shown when she begins to plot Duncan’s murder with Macbeth, she says he should ‘look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it’, more advice for the killing of his king, and ‘leave the rest to me’ shows her cool control over the

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