Macbeth Scenes 1-3 for the impaired Essay

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Scene 1) An open Place Witch 1: When will we meet again? Witch 2: When the battle is over and there is a victor. Witch 3: That will be the time of peace. Witch 1: Where? Witch 2: On top of that hill. Witch 3: There we’ll meet Macbeth. Witch 1: I’m coming Graymalkin. (cat) Witch 2: Paddock (toad) is calling. Witch 3: At once All: Fair is foul, and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air. Scene 2) A camp near Forres, a town in northeast Scotland King: Who is this? He looks like he’s going to revolt. Malcolm: This is the sergeant who, like a good and hardy soldier fought against my captivity. Hail brave friend! Tell the King about the battle. Captain: The battle was doubtful. The merciless Macdonwald, from the Western Isles, with a mixture of Irish foot soldiers and those that were heavily armed came. He was the favorite to win. But brave Macbeth carved his way through till he faced Macdonwald, where he then sliced him from his naval to his chin and then displayed his head on a steak. King: Oh what a brave man! Captain: Once Macdonwald was dead, the Scottish King retreated, but the King of Norway began to pursue them. King: Were the captains, Macbeth and Banquo dismayed? Captain: Yes, but this only charged them up, so they quickly reformed and attacked; unless they meant to die, or make the place memorable. I can’t tell, but my wounds are killing me. King: Your wounds are as honorable as your words. Get him to surgeons. Who’s there? Malcolm: The Scottish Noble of Ross. Lennox: He looks to have fire in his eyes. He must be very intent on speaking with you. Ross: God save the King! King: Where have you come from, worthy noble? Ross: From Fife, great King; the King of Norway himself is there with many men, along with a disloyal traitor, the Thane of Cawdor, began the conflict. Bellona, goddess of war, bridegroom of Macbeth, clad in

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