Macbeth Scene Reflection

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Scene Reflection Through out the making and rehearsing of this scene I learned a lot. I really gained a better understanding of the tone and of the over all feeling of the scene. The scene we worked on was a very important scene, this was Macbeth's last hours this is when he sees the prophecy is coming through like when the witches say when the forest moves he was going to be in a lot of danger. In a lot of the scene me playing Macbeth I had to use different tones constantly like when Macbeth here's about the the forest moving I had to make the tone more nervous and angry rather than when he hears about the death of his wife witch was a more sad tone. The way I prepared for the scene was to memorize the parts to change the tone. I felt prepared when I preformed because I practiced the scene after I was done with my home work for about 30 minutes. But I think me and my group did pretty well on the scene. I chose Macbeth because he had the longest lines and nobody in my group wanted to do it because of that but I didn't really mind the long lines so I did it. Macbeth was pretty hard character to play especially because of all the different feeling he's experiencing in that particular scene so there was a lot of tone changes that had to be done so everyone could get a good understanding of what was happening in the scene. The other characters in the the scene didn't have a strong relationship with Macbeth in fact Macbeth was above them so I threw that into the tone to make the relationship clear. The reenactment of the scene is definitely something I would like to do again especially cause we get to work in groups and I like doing that rather than doing individual work. Performing this definitely helped get a better understanding of the book because I read it a little more in depth especially that scene. I got a better

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