Macbeth Quotes and Themes

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Macbeth, William Shakespeare Quotes: Fate: • Macbeth: “If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me. Without my stir” (Act 1, Scene 3, line 147-149) → If fate wants me to be king, perhaps fate will just make it happen and I won’t have to do anything • Macbeth: “Come what come may, Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.” (Act 1, Scene 3, line 152-153) → (to himself) One way or another, what’s going to happen is going to happen. • “Fair is foul and foul is fair” • “All hail Macbeth, Hail King thereafter” • “Your children shall be kings” → Macbeth says this to Banquo after hearing what the witches has told them Fear: • “To be thus is nothing, But to be safely thus. Our fears in Banquo…” (Act 3, Scene 1, line 49-50) → Macbeth to servants; it is nothing to be king as I am now - I must be king in safety • “Then comes my fit again: I had else been perfect;” → Macbeth says this to the First Murderer when the Murderer tells him Fleance had escaped • “Stick deep, and in his royalty of nature. Reigns that which would be fear’d. ‘Tis much he dares, And to that dauntless temper of his mind,” (Act 3, Scene 1, line 51-52) → Macbeth referring to Banquo; there’s something overpowering in his natural nobility of character that I should be afraid of. • “Which of you have done this?” (Act 3, Scene 4, line 49) • “This is the very painting of your fear; This is the air-drawn dagger which you said” (Act 3, Scene 4, lines 61-62) → Lady Macbeth says this to Macbeth when Macbeth sees hallucinations of a ghost • “Alack, I am afraid they have awak’d” (Act 2, Scene 2, line 9) → Lady Macbeth says this to Macbeth after they both hear noises • “I’ll go no more, I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on’t again, I dare not.” (Act 2, Scene 2, lines 53-55) → Macbeth says this to Lady Macbeth after killing King Duncan • “It cannot be ill, it

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