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Macbeth Persuasive Essay Mrs Forbes Dario Giuseppe 4 Iona 4A1 English William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a somewhat of a tragedy about a man named Macbeth, a war hero who blindly follows his ambition with evil and is in return repaid with evil. Macbeth has influenced many newer pieces of literature through its conflicts between good and evil; heroes and villains; loyalty and betrayal; and ambition and morality. In the story, Macbeth is ultimately responsible for the actions that lead to his own downfall. Although the witches predictions do influence Macbeth’s thoughts, no one physically makes Macbeth kill Duncan other than himself. Macbeth is also responsible for putting power into the hands of Lady Macbeth and therefore allowing her to influence him. Finally, Macbeth acknowledges his guilt of further wrongdoing and is thereby responsible for his actions. Macbeth’s ambitions drive him forward to follow an un-stated but a clearly obvious plan to kill Duncan. Although the witches prophecies trigger Macbeth’s desire to become king, no one makes him kill Duncan. When the second of the witches prophecies becomes true, Macbeth immediately thinks of murdering King Duncan. “I am of Cawdor: / If good, why do I yield to that suggestion / Whose image doth unfix my hair” (I, iii, 143-145). For the first time in the story excluding his initial meeting with the witches which was by coincidence, we see the true, dark side to the “brave Macbeth“. Macbeth then sees himself kill his ruler Duncan in a dream state, Macbeth is at this point horrified by the idea. However, his thoughts of seeking out his destiny of becoming King still remain. Another example of Macbeth’s early thoughts of treachery and murder happens when King Duncan officially names his son Malcolm, to be his successor. “Stars, hide your fires; / Let not light see my black and

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