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Dakota Thompson Mrs. Clutter Macbeth Paper 14 Nov. 2010 William Shakespeare and Macbeth He wrote five tragedies in a row. The reason he wrote the five tragedies in a row was because he lost his close friend, Queen Elizabeth. William Shakespeare wrote some of the plays after his “Lost Years” and after the plague. This could have been the main reasons for five tragedies or maybe it could be just a start. When Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, he used words such as desire and reason to interpret how he truly felt. Using such words allows the readers to understand what each character truly means and what Shakespeare means. The word desire first came about in the early 13th century. As the use of the word desire progressed, so did its meaning. It first meant “wish, long for,” but then it had the meaning of “await what the stars will bring.” Desire basically means “to want.” Before the Renaissance started, there was the medieval period. In the medieval there was tons of violence. Violence can easily provoke desire as well as desire can provoke violence. Either way violence carried over into the Renaissance period. Shakespeare uses desire in Macbeth because he desired things he could not have. He could have wanted power, hints Lady Macbeth and Macbeth wanting power. The word reason has pretty much kept the same meaning since the early 13th century. Even though the words in the definition have changed, its meaning has not. It simply means “to question.” The word reason came into play, well because with every want, there is a reason behind it. The readers can simply see that even though Macbeth wants to be King, he asks for reasons in the process. Shakespeare uses the word desire eight times throughout Macbeth. Desire is used in Act I then any other Act in Macbeth. Out of everyone who uses the word desire, Lady Macbeth says it more than all the other characters. Macbeth is

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