Macbeth Obituary Essay

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The man who we all loved and admired has left us to join the Angels in Heaven. Last night it is believed that King Duncan was brutally attacked then murdered at his castle, Dunsinane; sources say that the cause of death was by multiple stabbings with a dagger. It is unknown who committed the act however the authorities have launched a full blown investigation with suspects in mind, so far the detectives have been analyzing the murder weapon left behind however things are not looking good. Their next step is to question all those who were in the castle at any time from yesterday morning up till the body was found, this morning. Mcduff, close friend and loyal subject to Duncan said, “It is a dear loss to everybody in Scotland, thou shall always shed a tear when the mighty Duncan is spoken of.” Authorities are still piecing together the evidence but it is alleged that the son’s of Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbain are the main suspects of the murder. Eye witnesses say that after Duncan was discovered this morning, the two quickly packed their bags and fled for an unknown reason; in their defense Mcduff stood up to say, “I am skeptical that the murder was by Duncan’s own blood.” A reply by the authorities, “Even so, it is still a possibility! For the same act on other kings is not unheard of.” Not only Malcolm and Donalbain are suspects, also Duncan’s own servants who were found with the murder weapon in their possession. Known for his kindness and bravery, as well as just being pronounced Thane of Cawdor by Duncan himself, Macbeth, had a few warming words to say, “The entire nation will miss you until the end of time. Your life was great, filled with close family and friends as well as many happy memories that every other man dreamed of. Fair thee well my KING!” To the publics’ as well as his own amazement, Macbeth was found to be the successor of Duncan. The

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