Macbeth Malcolm and Donalbain

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The play Macbeth by Shakespeare is a tragedy. This is not different from most of his plays. There is a major difference in Macbeth then in his other plays. This difference is that not many people have died. In most of Shakespeare’s tragedies, many people die. In this play so far the only major character that has died was King Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbain’s father. Malcolm and Donalbain do something weird also. After King Duncan is found murdered, Malcolm and Donalbain decide to flee to different countries. Donalbain will go to Ireland and Malcolm will go to England. They do this out of fear because they believe they are next to being killed. The audience thinks that Malcolm and Donalbain are cowards for leaving. The audience thinks this because 400 years ago, killing was a way of life. Someone has murdered their father and they are going to run away seems very childish which is why the audience thinks Malcolm and Donalbain are cowards. Not only does this make Malcolm and Donalbain a coward, but it also makes them suspects of the crime. Some of the characters become suspicious of them. Therefore, the audience finds Malcolm and Donalbian as being cowards. 400 years age, killing was a part of everyday, natural life. The people of these times believed that to have your father be murdered and runaway and not do anything to find out who has killed your father, the King of Scotland, was very cowardly. The audience was expecting Malcolm to become King of Scotland and then find out who murdered his father. Then he would have them either killed or throw in prison. This did not happen so the audience must think Malcolm and Donalbain are
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