Macbeth Lady Macbeths Downfall Essay

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Describe how Shakespeare presents Lady Macbeth deterioration in ‘Macbeth’? Lady Macbeth’s character changes a lot during the play. The character at the beginning is so different to the one in the final scene would not even be recognised as the same person. Shakespeare makes Lady Macbeth from a dominating, confident, ruthless killer, to a weak, mentally unstable, dying woman. The audience since her first soliloquy has established that she has more ambition, and craves more domination than a woman (particularly at that time) is thought rightly to have. The things that she has done do not seem to be likely of a feminine personality. She shows very little kindness or worry. Lady Macbeth remains normal during the rest of this scene, and is make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary. She realises that if Macbeth answered the knocking at the door in his normal clothing at this time in the morning it would seem suspicious and so tells him to get changed. This shows that even under the pressure Lady Macbeth is thinking of every possible clue that could be held against them. There many reasons why Shakespeare could have chosen to make Lady Macbeth change so much through the play. One possibility is that he is simply showing the attitude towards women at the time, which was they are not emotionally or physically capable of anything remotely tough or stressful. Lady Macbeth having to ask to be ‘unsexed’ to be able to carry out the murder could support this idea, along with her being reduced to what we see her as nearer the end after she carried out things that were to do with men. This could be seen as a punishment for not been feminine. Another suggestion is that he is trying to illustrate how emotions can be easily destroyed in the way that the murder was a success until Lady Macbeth started to cave under the guilt and allowed her

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