Macbeth & Lady Macbeth Essay

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The Marriage/relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Macbeth and his wife become partners in crime. And they are truly partners in the deepest meaning of the word, because the roles are quite obvious with Lady Macbeth being the mind behind the crimes and Macbeth putting her plan into live. Lady’s Macbeth words gave Macbeth the courage not only to kill his first victim, but also to keep fighting for not exposing the truth of Duncan’s death. Besides that, she is the one too take control in the most crucial decisions. Thanks to her powerful ambition, she orders her husband to step on and fight for his own ambitions too, of keeping the tittle as a king. In the begging she takes a lot of responsibility and initiative in their relationship, fx. by making all the decisions, but that changes in the end, cause unfortunately the role of the man was not to handle for Lady Macbeth, because uncertain of her own future, she commits suicide, which was the easiest way to deal with the problems for her. But Macbeth chooses to continue the devastation, unlike his wife who chosed a tragic death. Also Macbeths death is much more different than his wife’s, because he decides to die as a soldier, on the battlefield. Macbeth is a brave warrior and a great general, but unfortunately without much influence on his wife. The couple is united in their crimes, their ambitions, their madness and also their (fremmedgørelse) alienation from the society. We don't really get to see their, deep loving and sensual feelings for each other or the development of that in their marriage/relationship. It seems more that their thoughts are focused on becoming a powerful and successful couple and taking as much control as possible. (An irony of a “perfect“
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