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David Tassadogh Block 2 English Research Essay The tragedy Macbeth by William Shakespeare is a tale of a man named Macbeth who turns on his own allies and ends up killing them so that he may become king and rule Scotland. Guilt becomes a big factor but more importantly a sense of darkness and evil seems to take over the text. By the end of the tale Macbeth and his wife who helped him with the conspiracies are both dead. After reading the text it is possible to see that Shakespeare uses clothing, the unnatural and Lady Macbeth to shape and affect the text so as to make it darker. Throughout the text, clothing described as worn by the characters shows doom or evil and helps shape the text as well as helps affect the reader. When Lady Macbeth is being dressed she says “Why do you dress me in borrowed robes?” (Act 1, sc.3). This quote unlike many others does not rely on a literary device to give its effect. When she speaks of borrowed robes, it gives us the sense that it belongs to someone else. This sensation of not belonging creates a sort of tension within the text and in turn changes the mood. Shakespeare uses this to start showing guilt which becomes a more important factor later on in the play. Shakespeare then uses imagery to create a sense of evil or doom by talking about “strange garments”, Lady Macbeth says” Like our strange garments, cleave not their mould” (Act 1, sc.3). The choice of wording here is a major contributing factor as to how the text feels. Strange connects with eeriness and when looking at it on the whole, a rather spooky feeling is brought out of these few simple spoken words. Shakespeare then uses the aspect of the unnatural to show darkness and affect the text. Imagery is key to create these dark and eerie scenes. “Good things begin to droop and drowse” (Act 3, sc. 2) is a perfect example. By using the words droop and

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