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A story with tragedy, betrayal, bravery, and romance. “Macbeth” contains all of these and much more, “Macbeth” is a great example of a Renaissance tragedy. A tragedy is a story where a good character is ultimately destroyed by a tragic flaw in their personality and will share the knowledge of failure learned to other hero’s. To be a Renaissance the play must contain historical facts, in this case “Macbeth” had a few. One of these facts was Macbeth was an actual king who ruled England, another fact is that Banquo is actually a relative of King James II, who the play was written for. When the play “Macbeth” first starts out Macbeth is a great man. He is a brave and honored soldier who is trusted greatly by Duncan and all of his men. His wife also thought very highly of his personality, she says “Yet I feel your nature./ It is too full of the milk of human kindness/To do what must be done”(Act I Scene 4). This quote shows that lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth has a very kind heart, so much that he cant perform evil deeds. Macbeth is always loyal to his king and to his kingdom, he hunted down and killed Macdonwald, a traitor against Duncan. He also captured the Thane of Cawdor, also a traitor. In all stories we can see a tragic flaw in a character that leads to their destruction. A tragic flaw is a weakness in the character that has an affect on his judgment and actions. Macbeth had a few tragic flaws to him, he was very greedy for things that he wanted, and did not know when to stop to achieve his greed. He also has too much pride in himself to almost never see the bad in him. Due to these flaws Macbeth has killed many innocent people to achieve power. He had gone against almost everything he thought because of his character. In the end of a tragedy the character is destroyed and we feel some sympathy for the character. In “Macbeth” he had lost a lot of things

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