Macbeth And Ozymandias Essay

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Vernon Campbell Comparative Essay Ambition is a typical demise for those who pursue and gain power. Shakespeare Macbeth and Shelly’s Ozymandias covey the characteristics of over ambitious kings with presumptuous natures resulting in their down fall. A distinctive flaw of ambition is that now and again people can be exceedingly ambitious, or lack ambition. As a person becomes too ambitious it can become too overwhelming and get the better of a them. In the different time periods that they ruled, Macbeth and Ozymandias were very commanding kings. Arrogance, ruthlessness, and selfishness are among many of the faults ending their reign as kings. When comparing these great men there are many things that can be cultured about the downfall of excessively ambitious kings. The ostentatious nature of both King Macbeth and Ozymandias vibrantly is shown throughout their reign as king. These men are praised by many which is what led to their conceited temperament. This attribute of Macbeth is shown as he is given his second apparition by the witches.... “Laugh to scorn the of power of man, for none of women born shall harm Macbeth” (IV.i.89-91). As Macbeth is told this it is a huge boost of confidence giving him the feeling that he is invincible as though one could touch him. The insight that Macbeth is given from the witches seem to be so true that he relies only on what they have spoken, and does not try to figure out there true meaning and understand what they mean. Macbeth simply just let his ambition blind him. Ozymandias has the same mindset with that feeling of insuperability. “Look on my works ye, might and despair” (Ozymandias 11). This quote demonstrated the foolish arrogance of Ozymandias, and also holds some irony because everything around the statue or the so called “works” is in ruins. He wants everyone to know what he has done to show what a powerful man

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