Macbeth Essay

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Question of: “Explain the dramatic importance of the letter that Lady Macbeth receives from her Husband in Act I, Scene 5, and how her reaction to it portrays Lady Macbeth’s Character?”

In Act one, Scene five of Macbeth, the audience is introduced to the character of Lady Macbeth for the first time. The scene begins with Lady Macbeth established alone on stage, reading a letter from her husband. It informs Lady Macbeth of Macbeth’s encounter with the three witches, who to his own astonishment greet him as “king that shalt be.” Eager and thrilled to hear this, scene five gyrates around this prophecy, as Lady Macbeth visions her Macbeth as King of England. This gives the audience a true portrayal of Lady Macbeth’s character as she exults to the letter alone on stage. Having being set alone on stage, from a dramatic point of view, it would be most effective if Lady Macbeth were to read the letter aloud for the first time as paces from left to right of stage. This would not only convey Lady Macbeth’s true immediate response to the letter, but with changes in volume and a high pitched tone, showing how ecstatic Lady Macbeth is, to hear her husband being greeted as King, revealing her true motives. Lost in her own excitable state, Lady Macbeth is impetuously lured into the prophecy of the “metaphysical” forces, as she determines herself into acquiring the status of King for her husband. Human instinct would make it difficult to believe the words of creatures “that made themselves air”, but clearly this is not the case with Lady Macbeth. Consequently the influence of the witches’ prophecy on Lady Macbeth gets her to overlooks Macbeth’s newly acquired title of “Thane of Cawdor”, as Lady Macbeth’s ambitions demand more for her husband.

Ambition and greed are two striking characteristics of Lady Macbeth. These characteristics are evident when Lady Macbeth is caught
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