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Macbeth Q. Discuss who was primarily responsible for the murder of Duncan was it Macbeth, his wife or did other forces also have a role in the events that culminated in Duncan’s death ? The death of Duncan can be laid at Macbeth’s door as he physically committed the murder. But it is also possible that he was the victim of other evil forces such as the witches who triggered the whole situation off or it could have been Lady Macbeth who urged her husband to commit murder so strongly that he had no choice. Macbeth can be blamed for the death of Duncan as the thought of killing Duncan did come across his mind. Banquo says to Macbeth “Good sir , why do you start and seem to fear things that do sound so fair?” (lines 50-51) (Act1 Sc7). Here Macbeth flinches because he has already been thinking about killing Duncan and he feels like the have read his thoughts. On many occasions Macbeth is in two minds (he vacillates). Should he or shouldn’t he kill Duncan. He says “ He’s here in double trust: First, I am his kinsman and his subject Strong both against the deed ; then, as his host,” (Lines12-14) (Act1 Sc7) Here Macbeth is saying that he shouldn’t kill Duncan as he is related to him and he is a good king. But after a lot of persuasion from Lady Macbeth he agrees to carry through with the murder. From this I move on to the second suspect, Lady Macbeth. She plays a big role in the murder of Duncan as she is the person who comes up with the plan for killing Duncan. As soon as Lady Macbeth receives the letter from Macbeth she makes up her mind that it is necessary to dispose of Duncan straight away (nothing personal, but just that he’s in the way) but she knows that Macbeth wont be able to commit such an evil deed. She says “ Yet do I

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