Macbeth Essay

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Mr. Pappert English 4 January 19, 2013 Appearance Vs. Reality People tend to display themselves in a complete 180 for the outside compared to who they might actually be on the inside. As we look closer, people like to project an image of what they'd like to be, and bury their actual self. They can even project feelings of happiness or calmness, but turn out to be unhappy and stressed. In short, they pretend to be something they are not. However, the truth will always reveal itself in the end. In William Shakespeare's play, MacBeth, we see this theme repeat itself many times in the duration of the play. We see this theme show itself early on when Banquo and MacBeth receive their prophecies from the witches. MacBeth is told he will become King, which, to anyone, would be great. What ended up happening was terrible, as he had to kill the old king as well as Banquo, and felt guilty from that point on. Banquo was told that his sons will become King, which is also very good. What ends up happening in reality is that Banquo would have to die so his son would avenge him. This scene sets the precedence for the foreshadowing that Shakespeare continually throws at the reader throughout the play. MacBeth's appearance differs from his true self. MacBeth portrays himself to be strong and wise, but inside he is truly weak. In response to the witches' predictions, he says; " Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day." (Act I, Scene 3) Translated, means that he wants the predictions to come in their own time. He wanted to appear calm and noble, but on the inside one could hazard to say he was leaping out of his skin. We can offer this estimation as MacBeth shows us he doesn't want time to bring him his fortune, he wants to help speeds it up. As a sin under Gluttony, he viciously kills men to get what he wants. This shows his true weakness as he
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