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aTyler Ujifusa Mrs. Heintz English 10 November 15, 2011 Macbeth In the play Macbeth, things aren’t always what they seem. It is very apparent throughout this play that deception is in almost every part. Some of the following examples make it very obvious that it’s not always what it seems. The three witches in the beginning of the play gave a prediction to Macbeth that he would become king. After telling Lady Macbeth, she thought they should kill Duncan so the prediction would happen but Macbeth, at first, was nervous. He did not want to go through with it. Eventually, he is convinced to kill Duncan so Lady Macbeth and Macbeth go through with the murder. They do it the night of the large feast. The feast was in Macbeth’s castle when Duncan visited. Macbeth gets away with it because the guards are drunk. He put sleeping medicine in their drinks. After Macbeth kills Duncan, he decides to wipe the blood off his hands on the guard’s faces and their bodies. The guards were blamed because Macbeth placed the bloody dagger that he used to kill the king on their bodies. This was a good example of something that isn’t always as they seem. Another example of the theme, is when Malcolm goes to England to meet Macduff who ran from Scotland after Duncan was killed. Malcolm acts like he likes Macbeth and says he is a good king. Macduff tells Malcolm how he doesn’t like Macbeth and he knows that he doesn’t like him either. Malcolm then admits to that. Macduff says that Malcolm should be king and he would support him and that he would be a good successor to the throne. This shows that things aren’t always what they seem. There are a lot of examples throughout this book that show things aren’t always what they seem. I believe that this shows that you shouldn’t judge people. What you can take away from this story is that just because you see something doesn’t mean it

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