Macbeth Essay

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Inverness Chronicles October 8, 1040 Issue number: 1 Murder and Treason! Early ‘tis morning, a cry of shout could be heard from the chambers in Inverness as the alarm bell rang. “Up, up, and see the great doom’s image” an anguished yelp ran out. “Our royal master’s murdered!” On Tuesday, October 8, 1040, the cold-blooded murder of our beloved king took place. The night had been unruly; th’wind strong. I heard i’th’air, strange screams of death and prophesying with accents terrible of dire combustion and confused events; th’king’s death. By whom you may ask? Well, actually by the king’s own guard, as it seemed. Their hands and faces were all covered with blood, so were their daggers which, unwiped, was found upon their pillows. Macbeth, having found the daggers, killed the two before they could escape. His defence for killing them were that: There lay Duncan, his blood and his gashed stabs over his body, while here the murderers were, caught red-handed; their dagger the proof. The next most shocking thing that took place was the disappearance of th’king’s two sons, Malcolm and Dunalbain. They stole away and fled, which puts upon them suspicion of the murder. They may even have been behind the death of th’king. They bribed the guards to kill th’king, and then fled th’country. With th’disappearance of kind Duncan’s two sons, th’throne is empty. Therefore Macbeth is to be named th’thane of Scotland, where he will go to Scone to be £1.50 WHERE SOLD Macbeth, soon to be the Thane of Scotland crowned. Th’throne has to be filled quickly so greedy ambition that will destroy th’rone would not take over th’country. King Duncan is to be buried tomorrow. He will be carried to Colmkill, the sacred storehouse of his predecessors and guardian of their bones. King Duncan Rest in
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