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n this excerpt, one major event occurs that intently moves the play forward. It is when Duncan names Malcolm Prince of Cumberland that Macbeth`s ambitions start to take their course. Coupled with the Witches` Prophecy and Lady Macbeth`s ambition and control over Macbeth, the events start to take a bloody course. This scene is also the first scene that accent’s Macbeth’s will to kill Duncan. We can see his will to dominate in the cleverly phrased metaphor on lines 48-50: “The Prince of Cumberland! That is a step / On which I must fall down, or else o’erleap”. Here we see that Macbeth has already concluded in his intentions to kill Duncan, and is now considering the death of Malcolm also. In that same Aside, we can see the use of Imagery here is paramount to accenting Macbeth’s ambition for power and his lust to commit evil deeds to get there. In this case darkness is used for imagery. We can see that in this case darkness contributes to the main symbol of darkness and evil, however, it serves a more literal purpose also; to mask his actions from the viewing eye. Therefore these themes and symbols help move the play “Macbeth” forward. There is one main theme that is explored and added to, in this passage. We have the early beginnings of Macbeth’s ambitions: His ruthless start of murder and tyranny. There is also a strong hint of dramatic irony to the events. Duncan suspects nothing, however the reader knows and suspects the future events of the play, via the foreshadowing of the witches and of Macbeth; we know and predict many problems that Scotland faces in the future. Duncan is also very generous in his praise of both Macbeth and Banquo, and is not at all suspecting Macbeth of his future deeds. Here Macbeth also states loyalty and praise to Duncan, and we can conclude that it is honest and true, Macbeth truly trusts and believes in Duncan, and at some point even

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