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Deadly identities summary As stated in the article “Deadly Identities” by Amin Maalouf, identities cannot be classified and that individuals must accept different identities. Maalouf discusses that identity cannot be separated into parts and our numerous factors of identities are connected with each other to form outstanding unique characters. Though, in Maalouf’s experience, he has been questioned who he really is inside. However, the concept of knowing who are you deep inside and that your origins determine who you are, are disagreed by the author. Due to that, Maalouf questions those people what about these other people’s views, believes and their free path in life they choose. According to Maalouf’s article, having a combined identity makes you more marginalized. As a result of that marginalization, he thinks that if freedom was given as they accept their diversity, it will be an enhancing opportunity that they can experience. Thus, Maalouf believes that people will face unfortunate choices between different belongings where they have to pick and live with the rest of their life, because of their different identities. As Maalouf states in the article that different belonging can help resolve misunderstanding and problems because different belongings have an unusual and certain role in building bonds. Through the whole article, Maalouf emphasizes the idea that people with combined identities will end up choosing one to live with. Feeling unwanted results due to the choice you will pick, according to Maalouf’s article. One Two three four five six Seven eight nine ten

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