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Essay #1 23 September 2009 Her World in My Eyes Life is always hard, but growing up in a different country and trying to adapt at such a young age is by far a tough task for any child. For Mabel Vega it has not been any different, coming to the United States at only four years old has been quite a challenge. Originally from Chihuaha, Mexico, Mabel had to learn a whole different culture and learn the native language of where her parents decided she would live her life. Mabel was born on a beautiful, windy, and cold November day, the fifth to be exact. She was born into a family consisting of three family members, one of which was her older brother. It would then be her older brother who would help her out the most with her struggles…show more content…
She describes herself as a friendly person, who has a bubbly personality, but can be very shy at first. She says she loves making new friends and going out with them on the weekends and do just about anything, she is very outgoing. Mabel is also the kind of person that always puts the needs of others before her own. She could be feeling so depressed one day, but if one of her friends need her she will not hesitate in helping them out and leaving her feelings aside. She is caring and giving and that is why she has so many friends and they all love her. Another person that loves her very much is her boyfriend, Alberto, who she says her parents do not know about so she has to see him incognito. She also enjoys spending time with him although she does not like the idea of her parents not knowing, but they are still very strict on the whole dating idea and want her to wait. Although she has an awesome relationship with her mother she still cannot tell her that Alberto is her boyfriend. And she especially cannot tell her father, her father is a very strict man who does not have a very nice relationship with Mabel, if they even have one at all. She says that is one of the biggest struggles in her life, her relationship with her father. They hardly talk, he is basically never at hope and he has a big alcohol problem that over shadows the family. At times she feels she is the backbone of the family because she is the one that helps out her mother, and then everyone else depends on her. Mabel says it really hurts her that her father has never really ever been there for her, and that he much rather be doing other things instead of being with his family and spending time with them like any dad should. But despite all of this she says that she loves him very much and forgives him for all he has done. Again she is very family oriented and despite everything that goes around her house she will always put them
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