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CURRICULUM FOR MA/M.Sc ANNUAL 2 YEARS PROGRAMME ENGLISH UNIVERSITY OF GUJRAT GUJRAT. Annexure ‘I’ M.A. English Part-I & II The Appendix ‘A’ (Outlines of Tests) and Appendix ‘B’ (Syllabi & Courses of Reading for M.A. English Part-I and Part-II shall be effective from the Session 2002-2003. The class admitted in the year 2002 will take their M.A. English Part-I Examination of 2003 according to new syllabus in the year 2003: - M.A. (English) Part I Examination of 2003 Appendix ‘A’ (Outlines of Tests) Marks Paper I (Classical Poetry) 100 Paper II (Drama) 100 Paper III (Novel) 100 Paper IV (Prose) 100 Paper V (American Literature) 100 ___ Total 500 Appendix ‘B’ (SYLLABI AND COURSES OF READING) Paper I: (Classical Poetry) 1. Chaucer The Prologue 2. Milton Paradise Lost Books I & IX 3. Donne Love/Divine Poems 4. Pope The Rape of the Lock. 5. Wyatt The Long Love That in My Thought Doth Harbor, Whose List to Hunt, Madam Withouen Many Words, They Flee from Me. Is it Possible Forget Not Yet, What should I say Stand who so list. 6. Surrey My Friend the Things That Do Attain Love, That Doth Reign and Live Within My Thought, So Cruel Prison, Wyatt Resteth Here. Paper II: (Drama) 1. Sophocles Oedipus Rex 2. Marlowe Dr. Faustus 3. Shakespeare Othello The Winter’s Tale 4. Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest Paper III: (Novel) 1. Trollope Barchester Towers 2. Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice 3. G. Eliot Adam Bede 4. Dickens A Tale of Two Cities 5. Hardy The Return of the Native Paper IV: (Prose) 1. Bacon
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