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Desiree Dalyrimple MKT 203.90 Sales/Tech. Selling Prof. Semanski Unit 5 Questions Chapter 10 Review Questions 5. The major steps in the presentation plan are; approach, need discovery, presentation, negotiation, close and servicing the sale. The approach should set the tone for an effective presentation. The need discovery step is a very important part of the plan where the sales person discovers the needs of the customer and selects the product that best fits their needs. After the salesperson establishes what the needs are of the customer and determines what product is the salesperson is ready to give the presentation. After the presentation the customer may be reluctant to buy and this is where a salesperson needs to be skilled…show more content…
Some rules to follow when leaving a message on voice mail are; a) plan in advance what you will say, b) be polite and identify yourself and the company you work for, c) state the reason for your call and explain the benefit of a meeting with you, state how long the appointment may take and confirm the meeting by following up with a note or email with the date, time and location of the appointment. I personally prefer email to phone calls. For one thing, if I do not recognize the number I will not answer my phone and as for voicemails, if I am not interested in the first 3-5 seconds I will delete the message, without listening to the entire message. With that said, it is very important to make sure when sending an email it has an appropriate subject line and is clear and concise. I am very selective when it comes to reading and deleting emails (as most people are) and that is why it is important to be as clear and to the point as…show more content…
The three dimensions of need discover include; asking appropriate questions, listening and acknowledging the customer’s response and establishing the buying motive. When asking questions they should be appropriate questions and in line with where the customer is with their research or knowledge of the product or service, for example, if a customer has done some research on the product and they have a good idea of the features and how those features would be beneficial to them, the customer may become frustrated if you ask questions surveying type questions. If a sales person is not listening to the customer is it easy to ask questions that may seem redundant to the customer, thus frustrating the customer and making it hard for them to trust the salesperson. It is very important that the salesperson listens and acknowledges what the customer is saying and the answers that they give to the questions asked. This will help a great deal when selecting a solution for their problem. Finally, this also helps to establish the buying motive of the customer. Is the customer just looking to get more information in order to make a decision to buy or have they already done their research and have all the information that they need and they are ready and willing to buy

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