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Question 1.interface sketch that is being evaluated: [pic] i) The system allows you to prescribe more than one drug to a single patient Justification: Relates to helpfulness - Doctors need to use their time effectively and the system requires tasks to be repeated then it will become a hindrance rather than a help. Question: Can you prescribe multiple drugs to a patient using this interface? ii) The system shows the user who the patient is that they are prescribing medication for. Justification: Relates to safety - If the wrong medication is prescribed to a patient then this could cause an adverse reaction. Question: iii) The system prevents dosage errors being made Justification: Relates to safety - too much or too little of a drug would prevent the medication from being effective or be potentially dangerous. Question: When a drug is chosen can you only prescribe a safe dose? iv) The system provides relevant information about the medication Justification: Relates to helpfulness - There are many different drugs available for a doctor to prescribe, many of which have similar names or use brand names rather than the active ingredients. Furthermore generic compounds are typically less expensive than branded ones – allowing doctors to access drug information provides them with the ability to compare different drugs available and choose the best possible medication for the patient. Question: Can you see information about the drug such as dosage, active ingredients and alternatives? v) Only an authorised user can prescribe medication to a patient. Justification: Relates to safety - Medicines can be harmful and should only be prescribed by someone qualified to do so. Question: Can you only use the

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