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Jennifer Vanta ENGL 1010 April 1, 2013 M3 Profile Essay Rough Draft Surviving the ones who helped us survive. I work at the eastern Nebraska veterans home. Situated on 20 acres near 40th Street and Capehart Road in Bellevue, the new 120-bed veterans’ home is a modern replacement for the Thomas Fitzgerald Veterans’ Home in Omaha which was opened in 1980 in the former Douglas County Hospital Annex. The Home covers nearly 118,000 sq. feet and has four separate wings. The Home is designed to serve members in four areas: assisted living (dedication), intermediate care (motivation), skilled care (service), and Alzheimer’s care (allegiance). Each area serves 30 members and has its own exterior…show more content…
The only reason people are placed onto this unit is if they have severe dementia and are flight risks. The members on this unit are not there cognitively aware, for the most part they don’t know where or who they are. Who you are or what’s going on around them. Dedication is the fourth and last unit. This unit is the assisted living side of the building, the residents require little to no care. In order to live on this unit you have to be able to do everything for yourself, toileting, laundry, feeding, bathing, and ambulating. Most of these residents have part time jobs at the facility or work with the activities coordinators to create events for the other residents to go to and be involved in. Most days working at the veterans home is good. I love being able to help people and take care of the people who need it. However, the work is difficult and you do have to deal with a lot of people who have no idea who you are or what you are doing, they don’t understand that you are there to help them, all they know is that you are undressing them/changing their diapers and they are unhappy about it. All of the residents are
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