What Is Nature Nurture

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M1 – the nature – nurture debate Philosophers and theorist have argued that it is the way we are born to be the way we are. Whereas other theorists have argued that it is the way we are brought up and influenced by our surroundings that makes us the way we are. The way we look can be argued to be mainly due to nature, the genes we inherit from our parents makes us look the way we do. For example, when people say “don’t you look like your mother/father” Genetic inheritance can determine our eye colour, whether we have curly or straight hair or how tall we will be. We also can inherit certain disease which can have an impact on our health. However, we can make decision on how we look and can change our appearance. There are many different…show more content…
They may lose their hearing, eye sight, and maybe memory. This is affect by nature because this is what happens to everyone when we get older, but it may happen faster to those living in different settings. Intellectual development is both nurture and nature because you learn things as you get older and you learn different thing deepening were you live. But it is also nature because some peoples intellectual is past on through genes. This is less influenced by environment because as adults they their own can make their own choices and decisions. For emotional and social development it is nurture if their partner died that may affect emotional because everyone around will be sad and this will cause they to be upset too. As you get older you may make more friends because you are retried you will have more time to spend with friends with is because of the environment. From older adulthood both nurture and nature have a big impact, but I think nature has a greater impact because of their hair will change colour and they may lose some of their hair too. They may lose their hearing, eye sight, and maybe memory and this happens to everyone
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