M3.18 Coaching and Training

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Work Based Assignment – M3.18 Coaching and Training your Work Team. Training appropriate to the workplace In Zebra training needs present themselves on a regular basis. On the shop floor these needs are predominantly focussed on the ability to operate machinery efficiently and control the quality of the finished product. For the purpose of this assignment I will be focussing on the need for an experienced machine operator to learn how to operate a piece of equipment called a turret rewinder. This machine attaches to the operators usual machine and automates the final process of rewinding rolls of paper onto cardboard tubes (cores). This increases the output of the manufacturing process giving the operator time to pack the finished rolls into boxes which in turn reduces costs and makes the process more efficient. This learning requirement is vital for a press operator as Zebra are increasingly moving towards this kind of production and anyone not able to operate a turret rewinder will be left behind in terms of production skill base. On the shop floor two appropriate methods of training we use are ‘on the job training’ and ‘off the job training’. ‘On the job training’ is, as it states, learning the task in a live environment. This usually involves the trainer initially pointing out all safety aspects of the turret process and explaining the various functions of the machine and how it interacts with his/her own machine and then performing a practical demonstration of how the machine works and, under strict supervision at first, letting the trainee’ have a go’. This practical style of training seems to be the most effective when training people who are used to operating machinery. The second method of training, ‘off the job training’ is usually done away from the shop floor environment possibly in a training room or classroom. This generally takes the form of a
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