M3.13 Developing Yourself And Others Essay

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Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management M3.13 Developing Yourself and Others 10/1/2011 Learning Outcome: Know how to identify development needs and develop self and others to achieve organisational goals Introduction My Organisation, Premier Sport was established in 1999 and is the largest organisation in the UK, specialising in the delivery of sport and physical activity to primary school children in curricular time, as well as out of school hours and holiday clubs. We currently operate within over a 100 local areas EACH WEEK and employ 500plus deliverers who successfully deliver more than 20 different sports to over 150,000 children every week employed by hundreds of primary schools nationwide to deliver PE enrichment to their curriculum. Our values and philosophy are best described through our DNA ‘Believe, Achieve and Trust’. Our purpose is to enhance and contribute to quality delivery of sport and quality learning through sport to as many children across the country with our main aim to provide opportunity to many as the first choice provider of Children’s Physical Activity & Sports coaching in the UK through engaging and inspiring more children, schools, and coaches to achieve high quality as a result of the opportunities we offer. Our values and aim create our ‘personality’ and how we wish to always portray ourselves - to children, parents, teachers, suppliers, franchisee’s and partners. Ultimately we want to engage and inspire young people using knowledge, understanding and professional programmes that do make a difference. My role within the organisation is the National Coach & Training Development Officer. The main duty of my role is to support deliverers and there managers across the country on the deliverer of high quality PE & sport to children and to write, develop, research and plan training & strategies to maintain the

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