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M3.10 Introduction to Leadership Leadership Styles After Using Tannenbaum and Schmidt’s theory to determine what sort of leader I am and how I would influence and motivate my team to be more effective, I found out that I am more of an Autocratic Leader. This means that I would make a decision and the rest of the team would be expected to accept and complete. An Autocratic attitude would be “time is short, risk is high”. I was the one to make all the decisions to make sure my shift ran smoothly. In being this type of leader I found myself being very bossy, delegating small jobs out to my staff, expecting too much from new/developing staff and realised tasks weren’t being completed to deadlines/if at all and I was beginning to lose trust. Due to my approach I sometimes didn’t feel that I got the best out of my team. This led me to re-evaluate my working practice and take a more Democratic approach. In doing this, I have found that more tasks are now getting completed. I found that offering them options on how to complete a task would make them feel involved in the decision making process. I would consider everyone’s input. However, I would still be the one to make the final decision. Team morale improved and individual staff performance excelled. I now feel there is a mutual trust between myself and the team. I am now confident that my staff will complete any given task prior to deadlines. However I do feel I still have to take an Autocratic approach on some occasion’s dependant on the situation An Autocratic approach would be ideal if an important decision needed to be made immediately. Therefore only ‘one voice, one decision’ needs to be made out of the team. It can also be used in supervision when telling a staff member what areas they need to improve on, or in a worst case scenario, a disciplinary. A democratic approach would have a positive effect on a

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