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M1 Experiemnets Essay

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  • on May 22, 2014
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M1- Assess different psychological approaches to study

Perspective | Key ideas | Strengths | Weaknesses | Alternative explanation |
Behaviourist | The behaviourist approach proposes two main processes whereby people learn from their environment: namely classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning involves learning by association, and operant conditioning involves learning from the consequences of behaviour. | It clearly supports the nurture side of the nature versus nature debate.It is simplistic explaining concept behaviour using simple principals, such as classical and operant conditioning. | It use of animal can be criticised as animals are not the same as humans and therefore it is hard to generalise the findings. In addition it is now ethically wrong to do many of the earlier experiments on animals. Laboratory, experiments are artificial and lack ecological validity as they do not compare to real life. | Biological perspective can affect your behaviourist perspective. Biological perspectives is different to behaviourist because the behaviourist perspective say its down to the environment the way we behaviour, however the biological perspective says it down to our jeans the way we behave.   |
Biological | The biological approach believes that most behaviour is inherited and has an adaptive (or evolutionary) function. For example, in the weeks immediately after the birth of a child, levels of testosterone in fathers drop by more than 30 per cent. This has an evolutionary function. | Has made a positive contribution to the understanding of human behaviours and disorders.It relies on objective data for diagnoses, for example chemical levels, tumours etc. | It focuses too much on the 'nature' side of the nature/nurture debateIt is nomothetic. | Behaviourist perspective can affect your biological perspective. This is because the behaviourist perspective says it down to the environment to the way we behave but the biological...

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