(M1) Discuss How Policies and Procedures Help Children and Their Families.

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(M1) Discuss how policies and procedures help children and their families. A set of policies are principles, rules and guidelines formulated by an organization to reach and maintain a set of long term goals. These are normally published or placed in another form that allows for them to be wildly accessible to other organizations that will then also adopt them. By following the procedures of the policies will ensure that a point of view is held and will result in understandable steps to follow that view. When relating to the policies that affect the safety and lives of children and young people, these normally focus on guidelines on keeping young people away from dangers and reaffirming their chance of having positive lives. Safeguarding The safeguarding policies put in place by the government define the act of safeguarding as protecting children from mistreatment, preventing impairment of a child’s health and development and taking action to enable children to have the best outcome possible given their circumstances. This benefits all children by given them the right through both government legislation and the morality of the issue. An example of this would be enforcing that all adults of a child or young person based institution, such as a school, are given a criminal record's check. This ensures that anyone working with children has never proven to have a crime that may directly danger a child. The way in which safeguarding benefits the families of children is through the safe of mind that they are leaving their children in safe hands. Health Policy The health policy demands that when a child is sick they are given the right to be seen to and given trained medical health to ensure they stay healthy and are given any medical requested for as little a cost as possible. The policy helps to reduce childhood obesity and to campaign an awareness of dietary
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