M1: Assess the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in Health and Social Care with Reference to Theories of Communication Essay

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Unit1 M1: assess the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care with reference to theories of communication The two main theories of effective communication set out by Michael Argyle, which shows the six cycles of communication using the two-way-process and Tuchman’s theory of group communication. Michael Argyle (1925 – 2002) - The purpose of the communication cycle is to ensure that all individuals understand how the message is given effectively and allows care professionals to decide whether the message is getting across in a health care setting. In each stage of Argyle’s theory, it ensures that the communication adapts effectively throughout the process where the message can be changed via using non-verbal communication or sign language to meet the individual. The six cycle of communication includes: * An idea occurs * A message is coded * The message is sent * The message is received * The message is decoded * The message is understood Through interpersonal skills of interaction during the six stages of the communication cycle, the advantage of it allows health care professionals to reflect and understand what is being said and show active listening where they’ve checked if their ideas have been understood with the other individual. The good thing about this theory it allows care professionals to change and adapt to the communication style to meet the individual’s needs and preferences. According to argyle’s theory, this would able to make the communication effective as the skills are being developed throughout the process using verbal and non-verbal feedback from others. As the communication cycle is a two-way process, there is more of an understanding of what is being said. This is because you are sending messages back and forth, constantly knowing which stage you are in. The cycle can be
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