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MUFFLER MAGIC Tonya Davis Professor Ralph Lide,M.A. PHR Human Resource Management- Bus 310 Specify three recommendations about the functions of recruiting, selection, and training that you think Ron Brown should be addressing with his HR manager now. The first thing I think needs to be address they need to decide on what positions they would like to fill. After they have decide on this they need to have the proper job applications and forms etc that each applicant will need to apply for the position. The company needs to develop new ways to interview each applicant in other words the applicant should be screened properly to be sure that he or she would even qualify for this position. Also the company need to follow up and check past employment history and all personal references and it would not hurt to do some background checking. This will prevent the company from hiring people in the future who are not qualified for these position and this will ensure that the company will produce quality service because they have hired people who are knowledgeable in their field of expertise. This will also began a process of elimination for those applicants that do not meet the requirements for the position. The company should also have new employee orientation program created this would be a good time for all qualified applicants to understand more in detail about the company’s history,products,and services that the company provides. This would also be a good time to cover all policies and procedures for each new employee. If there are any new employees that need additional training the company should be willing to make that available in the future this also will ensure that the company is providing good quality services to the customer. Some of this training can come from outside sources but, it can also come for inside sources form some of the

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