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M&M Project Analysis This paper will examine the proportion of M&M candies through the random sampling of 60 bags. The bags used in the experiments were taken from different stores to help ensure a true sample of all the 1.69 oz of plain M&M candies. Introduction: Purpose of Report The purpose of this report is to examine the five project parts of an M&M analysis as well as examine a method for quality control. The parts of this project included using several different methods such as random sampling, sample proportion and sample mean, constructing a 95% confidence interval and testing claims of M&M candies. Project Part 1: Sampling Method We here at Masterfoods started this analysis with a random sample of three 1.69oz bags of plain M&M candies which were purchased by each student in the class from three different stores. A random sample ensured that our results would be meaningful and true as well as allow the chance for all the population to choosen. The population also know as the “collection of all outcomes, responses, measurements, or counts that are of interest (Larson, & Farber, 2009).” Once bags were purchased, the instructions were to open each bag individually and record the number of candies of each color within the bags. This information was then entered into an spreadsheet and separated by individual bags. These individual results were then combined together into a single data set by the Quality Control Manager. Data is know as “information coming from observations, counts, measurements, or responses (Larson, & Farber, 2009).” Project Part 2: Sample proportion,mean, standard deviation, histogram, The second portion of the project was based on the combined data set. The results showed a total of 60 bags sampled with a total of 775 blue, 715 orange, 516 green, 473

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